Wellness Clinic

Antenatal classes prepare the mothers physically and emotionally for the birth of the baby. Mothers are taught the following:

  • Classes by dietician on nutrition, diet regulation in case of diabetes in pregnancy and maintaining optimum weight during and after pregnancy.
  • Classes by physiotherapists on antenatal exercise, maintaining correct postures, exercises to prevent Deep vein thrombosis and Uterine prolapse, exercises to cope in labour including breathing exercises, as well as post natal exercises to get back to shape.
  • Classes by Psychologist on stress prevention, emotional coping with pregnant state as well as after birth, and relaxation techniques to adopt during labour pain.
  • Class by lactation consultant: training for new mothers in breastfeeding postures, correct ways to hold the baby, importance of breastfeeding, prevention and treatment of cracked nipples as well as inverted nipples and on how to initiate complimentary feeds later.
  • Yoga Training: We have a professional yoga instructor who trains antenatal (pregnancy yoga) and post natal mothers in yoga.
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