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Dr. Pappachan – The inspired ignited personality powering Lifeline

God never comes directly to help. He many times sends angels instead. Angels dressed in glittering costumes with a magic wand is always a part of mythology. People in flesh and blood are but the metaphors of same…

More than 1000 test tube babies… Well! It may simply seem a number. But now just think of those innocent smiles on cute faces and vague endearingclamours. Feel the satisfaction of the parents who have waited years to have babies, the divine gift representing their love. To bring smiles to those helpless couples by treating their infertility and thus filling love &laughter to their life, meet this great soul who dedicated his whole life- Dr.Pappachan It’s not just quality education that moulds a doctor. A pure heart driven by empathy is inevitable. Life of Dr Pappachan exactly testifies the said fact.Venture Lifeline would never have been such a widely appreciated and trusted hospital if it was a mere institution started with profitability as the primary motive.

Pappachan studied really hard and passed B.Sc. Zoology with good rank. Medical entrance was also not a hassle for this intelligent personality. After his MBBS, during his higher studies in gynaecology Pappachan was concerned about the worsening health condition of women of present generation.

Soon after completion of his studies, he joined government service where he contributed greatly for the population control program. Dr Pappachan gained fame even at state level for vasectomy surgery. Working as a gynaecologist his heart too ached when he saw the agony of childless couples.

This made Pappachan to focus completely on infertility and he carried out studies regarding the same in Trivandrum medical college. Realizing that the facilities offered by government were not enough, he started working in private sector.

For him, studying was a commitment and he continued his learning process in Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai; even in Australia and Germany.

And finally it was on April 24, 2005 in Adoor 14th Mile, LIFELINE – the dream project of Dr Pappachan was established.

Even today Dr Pappachan is an enthusiastic student who keeps on studying latest strides in the niche of infertility treatment. Bringing the latest technologies and equipment to Lifeline for serving patients better is what he always yearns for.

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